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Here you will find a selection of posts that have appeared on Christophilos so far in English translation. If the topic you are looking for is not here, or if you are looking for something on a very specific topic, then simply let me know here. I will be happy to take your suggestions on board!

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Erlösung Überwindung

Died for us

The question of why Jesus had to die on the cross remains unanswered for many Christians to this day. There ...
Baum der Erkenntnis von gut und böse

Sin, the sinner and the fall

The Old Testament myth of the Fall describes the consequences for man of eating from the tree of the knowledge ...
Passion Jesu

What was the purpose of Jesus’ mission?

The purpose of Jesus’s mission was, and still is, to convey a new, universal attitude towards the suffering and burdensome ...
Die Theodizeefrage

The Theodicy Question

Why does God allow suffering in the world? This article gives answers to the so-called theodicy question in direct relation ...
Das Jüngste Gericht

From there he will come to judge …

If forgiveness is the fulcrum of the message of Jesus, then what is the point of The Last Judgement and ...